Margaret’s French Bakery

There isn’t much to say about Margaret’s French Bakery because the cakes were dry and didn’t have much flavor.  It was disappointing because Margaret is such a sweet woman and I wanted to like her cakes but we had a hard time choosing flavors we liked from the tray below.

We actually had a hard time distinguishing which flavor was which… is this mocha or hazlenut?!?  I think our overall favorite was the banana cake but I would probably choose my Mom’s banana bread over an expensive banana cake any day.  Sadness.

750 McGlincy Lane #105   Campbell, CA

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4 Comments on “Margaret’s French Bakery”

  1. fatjenny Says:

    do you have to pay for these taste testings? how does this taste testing thing work?

  2. epicurejenn Says:

    @fatjenny – no, these cake tastings were all complimentary! 🙂

  3. Boyfriend Says:

    I wouldn’t say the cakes were dry. They were French style so they were moistened with liqueurs. I think that may have contributed to why we didn’t care so much for the taste of these. I guess French style cakes just aren’t our style.

  4. […] are into that and almost expect it.  We liked the cake at Satura Cakes the best out of the three places we […]

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