Cake on the brain…

I’m not a cake person.  I’ll eat it if it’s there (sometimes) but I can do without it.  My true loves are ice cream (if you couldn’t tell from my last post) and cookies.  I can eat ice cream any time of the day in any season.

But weddings have cake.  While I know we don’t *have* to serve cake at our wedding and cupcakes and candy bars are ever-so-popular right now, I wanted to have a traditional cake to cut into.  Boyfriend and I have been inundated with appointments and meetings and cake tastings lately so I definitely have cake on the brain.

Our first tasting was at Jen’s Cakes.  My parents were in town and were able to join us in our first cake tasting experience.  We tried ten of their most popular flavors and fillings.

My parents studied the plate and description sheet intently before they dug in!

We all agreed on three flavors we liked the most and while we didn’t make any decisions, it was a great start to our cake tasting experience.

1053 Lincoln Avenue   San Jose, CA

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4 Comments on “Cake on the brain…”

  1. Emme Says:

    That looks so yummy. If we get married we are most likely going to elope and the one thing that bums me out is the lack of cake tasting.

    The lemon-ey looking one looks so yummy but I am sucker for lemon desserts!

  2. Ex-Coworker Says:

    Wow, does Aaron know about this? Kinda messed up, having a b/f when you’re already enganged. What flavor is the bottomm-left one? Red Velvet?

  3. Boyfriend Says:

    We don’t really call each other fiancee that often, and yes it is red velvet in the corner. Emme I think you would have liked the lemon one. I liked the spice cake (because of the cinnamon of course!), the red velvet, the almond, and the white with the fruit inside (can’t remember if it was strawberry or raspberry).

  4. […] I’m not a huge fan of cake in general.  That said, I did want a nice cake at our wedding since a lot of people are into that and almost expect it.  We liked the cake at Satura Cakes the best out of the three places we tried. […]

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