Voodoo Doughnuts

What is a trip to Portland without going to Voodoo Doughnuts??

I’ve been on this writing hiatus because work has been busy.  I never wrote about one of our most significant stops in Portland.  We had to go to the Voodoo.

We stood in line for what felt like forever.  Doughnuts were supposed to be our breakfast but ended up being more of a lunch because we didn’t make it inside until past noon!

I already knew what I wanted to get before we went.  I got the “No Name” doughnut.  It’s so good that they couldn’t come up with a name for it to do it justice.   Chocolate rice krispies and peanut butter anyone??  We ordered SEVEN doughnuts between the four of us and guess what… we ate ALL OF THEM.   Aaron thought his “Old Dirty Bastard” choice was hilarious.  Matt got the “grape ape” but after one bite each, we thought that was enough.

Of course, we had to get a traditional Voodoo Doll Doughnut!  There is a pretzel stabbing the heart of this doughnut and strawberry jelly oozes out of it…

22 SW 3rd Ave.  Portland, OR

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4 Comments on “Voodoo Doughnuts”

  1. Emmie Says:

    I need to go here. I have actually never been!

  2. chubbs Says:

    was it worth the long wait?

  3. Boyfriend Says:

    I liked my doughnut choice best I think. The “Old Dirty Bastard” had chocolate frosting with crumbled Oreo cookies and peanut butter frosting drizzled over it. The doughnuts were all good, but seven doughnuts between four people is definitely too much. Can anyone say “sugar overload?” Thank goodness for the cup of coffee I had to counter being overwhelmed by all the sweetness.

  4. There is ALWAYS a long line for Voodoo Donuts. It doesn’t matter what time you go. 🙂 It’s worth the wait if you need a sugar rush.

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