St. John’s Theater and Pub

It started out innocently enough.  Elisa and Matt asked if we wanted to grab a drink after they picked us up from the airport Friday night.

We went to St. John’s Theater and Pub which is one of the McMenamins locations right around the corner from Elisa’s place.  We sat right over the kitchen on the second floor and the heavenly aromas wafted up to us.  It happened to be their late night happy hour and I happen to have this love for fried potatoes and that’s how I came to order the cajun tots.  That entire basket of tots was $1!!  It was slightly spicy tator tots with ranch to dip in.  My ruby beer (which dangerously tasted like juice) is featured on the left and Boyfriend’s beer is on the right.

And so began our weekend of over indulging.  I know I just wrote in my last post that I’m trying to be healthier and lose weight but I was on vacation!  Please. Don’t. Judge.

8203 N. Ivanhoe   Portland, OR

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2 Comments on “St. John’s Theater and Pub”

  1. Emmie Says:

    There tater tots are amazing. I thought my parents were over exaggerating when they said that the tots were like crack, but they are like crack. Delish!

  2. Boyfriend Says:

    Yeah those tater tots were really good. The spices gave it a nice kick which perfectly complimented the beer. I thought the beer I had this night was one of the best ones I tried in Portland. Dark, but not bitter and actually a little on the sweeter side. A great way to kick off the weekend.

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