Cin Cin Wine Bar

Matt’s high school friend is the chef at Cin Cin Wine Bar & Restaurant so Boyfriend and I had been dying to try it.  We reserved a table and double dated with Elisa and Matt!

Right away, Matt’s friend sent over these truffle oil mushroom empanadas.  I love mushrooms, Elisa does not.  How we are best friends, I’m not so sure.  They had so much flavor and had we not gotten these sent out to us, I would’ve wanted to order them off the menu.

We ordered deviled eggs.   I’m usually not too big of a fan of deviled eggs but these were good with an olive on top!  The salad in the middle was great too!

The arrancini was really good!  I can’t even remember what was inside these besides rice.  (I’ve been eating too much food lately to remember everything.)

Boyfriend doesn’t like seafood but he makes an exception when the seafood is FRIED.  The crab cakes were excellent with crisy outsides and flaky meat in the middle.

These soba salads were great and had so much flavor.  I don’t know if I would’ve ordered this on my own because well, I’m Japanese and figure I can make soba noodles at home.  Elisa and Matt chose this because they had eaten it before and we all loved it!  The waitress told us to roll the lettuce leaf like a tortilla and just bite into it.

All of this food plus a bottle of South African rosé wine and great company made this a wonderful evening.  We went to Matt’s after dinner and played Wii Mario Bros. for a few hours.  The first of many nights of that.  It’s so addicting!!

368 Village Ln.  Los Gatos, CA

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One Comment on “Cin Cin Wine Bar”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    The mushroom empanadas were little pockets of mushroom-y goodness. I haven’t really met a deviled egg that really impressed me, but these were still good. I think the arrancini had feta in it, good but not one of the better things that we had that night. The crab cakes were only a little fishy tasting so it was perfectly fine once you sopped up a little bit of the sauce surrounding them. The soba noodle wraps were excellent. A very nice balance of sweet and salty and savory, and if you wiped up some of the sauce (I think it was a balsamic reduction) it made an excellent dish even better.

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