Please come back!

I’m so excited that “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” is going to air again on December 1, 2009 for a Holiday episode!  The Food Network stars will share the best things they’ve eaten during the holidays.  I’m hoping it’s back for another season rather than just some holiday special.  This show has inspired us to eat at so many places and it’s always exciting to see places you’ve been to already featured on the show as well.

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One Comment on “Please come back!”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    Hmm… let’s see. Pork Buns at Yank Sing… check. The Office Burger from Father’s Office… check. Meat cone from Boccalone… check. Sam’s Sundae from Bi-Rite creamery… check. French Dip from Phillipe’s… check. French Fries from Balthazar’s… check. We’ve also been to a few of the places featured on the show. There’s Joan’s on Third, Max Brenner, we’ve seen the Salmon Rillettes from Bouchon (at the Bouchon Bakery). Then there’s also the places and things we’ve added to our hit list thanks to this show. There’s the Stone Crab from Joe’s Stone Crab and Mofongo from Benny’s Seafood in Miami, and the cinnamon rolls from Ann Sather in Chicago. Can’t wait to see where/what else we’ve already eaten and where/what we’ll want to add to our list.

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