Boyfriend and I double dated with Brandee and Brian at Fatima restaurant in Cupertino!  It is a Chinese Islamic restaurant and most dishes can be served with either beef, chicken or lamb.  They also have an extensive seafood selection as well.

I had been instructed by my co-worker to order the sesame bread with scallions.  It was definitely popular as we noticed practically every table near us with an order of it.  The star of the dinner was definitely the homemade knife shaved noodles.  To my dismay, I am in love with carbs and these noodles were perfectly thick and chewy.  The thing I liked the most was that the noodles were not greasy.   There is another Chinese restaurant in Mtn. View that I go to for their knife shaved noodles but those are greasier and heavier.

We all picked a dish to order.  Brandee chose cashew chicken, Brian chose the noodles, Boyfriend chose shrimp with snow peas and I went with the dry fried string beans.  This has become my signature dish to order at Chinese restaurants and I really liked them here a lot.  They were very flavorful and not soggy.

The next time I go, I will most definitely get the noodles again!  I’d also like to try one of the soups because every table near us also had soup or hot pot ordered.

10125 Bandley Dr.   Cupertino, CA

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One Comment on “Fatima”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    Yeah the shrimp and the chicken (and actually the sesame bread too) were just alright. The string beans and the noodles were definitely the best out of the dishes. The restaurant started out somewhat empty but by the time we left it was packed. We should definitely try a soup next time we go.

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