Sunnyvale Art Gallery

I went with a couple of co-workers to the Sunnyvale Art Gallery for lunch.  Richard is friends with the owner and has been helping out the past couple of months to prepare for the grand opening.


The building used to be a furniture store so the space was ginormous!  In celebration of the Sunnyvale Art Club’s 50th Anniversary, members of the club have their art up for sale.  The place recently opened so it is still coming together but there will be a store to the side which will sell various art supplies.  (there were already a few items – canvas, sketch pads, etc. being sold but I can tell there is an area being prepared for much more.)


Richard and I split our sandwiches half / half so that I could try two on this trip.  The Monet is a ham panini with artichoke spread and brie cheese.  If it weren’t for the meat being cold in the center, it would’ve been a great sandwich.


David, Richard and I all had the Da Vinci.  This is probably the star of the menu.  It is a bulgogi and provolone cheese panini.  I like when Asian flavors are combined into “American” dishes.  I heard that in the future, there might be grilled onions in this sandwich.  That’d be a great addition!


They also have tons of flavors for Italian sodas. 

There is so much space to work with here and it’s a great concept.  Food plus art – two of my favorites!  There is free Wi-Fi and lots of natural lighting in the seating area.  I’m excited to see the place when the menu is finalized and the art supplies are ready for sale.

251 W. El Camino Real   Sunnyvale, CA

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2 Comments on “Sunnyvale Art Gallery”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    The bulgogi sandwich sounds really good. The Monet also sounds good, but I guess the execution wasn’t quite there. Hopefully it is just the usual getting up to speed that typically happens when a new food place opens up. I think I’d like to try the bulgogi sandwich.

  2. Tim Kim Says:

    Hey, Rich just sent me the link. Thanks for the review! I appreciate the honesty of the ham and brie sandwich too. I’ll make sure we get those kinks out next time you stop by. Pics are nice too. Other than that, I like your blog concept =] see ya!

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