Noodles on a cold day

A lot of people really love Ramen-Ya.  It’s convenient, fast (when it’s not packed – it’s a tiny place) and reasonably priced but I don’t think it’s all that.  In fact, I usually end up ordering fried rice at Ramen-Ya when I go.  I’ve been here with lots of different friends and if anything, I go for nostalgic purposes and not the food.  Maybe I’m a ramen snob because I lived in Fukuoka for two years but this place doesn’t really compare to any place in Japan or even Hakata Ramen in Gardena.


On this particular day, I was craving noodles because it was cold outside and decided to go with the tan-tan men.  It wasn’t as spicy as promised but the soup with the egg dropped in was oh-so-warming.


Boyfriend went with the mabo ramen which, as you can see, has tofu in it.  It’s kind of strange to have tofu floating in your ramen but Boyfriend seemed to enjoy it. 

Stacy and Kevin were with us and both ordered regular ramen.  Chashu and something else.  I didn’t even get pictures of their food because we started eating so fast!

11555 W. Olympic Blvd.  Los Angeles CA

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2 Comments on “Noodles on a cold day”

  1. kauaigirl Says:

    I used to love Ramen-ya until once day we saw that they had a “C” rating. They have since cleaned up their act and now are up to health code. Whenever I do go there, I usually get the mabo ramen too along with an order of Chinese chicken salad. I know it’s a weird combination but their Chinese chicken salad is actually pretty good.

  2. Boyfriend Says:

    The ramen was just alright. I forgot what we had talked about, but I was craving some ramen. Girlfriend had mentioned this place so I was curious and wanted to try it. The mabo tofu ramen was interesting. I was hoping it would be a little spicier but it did have a good flavor.

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