Domo-kun at 7-Eleven!

Jill and Faye are the biggest Slurpee lovers I know.  They get Slurpees almost whenever they pass a 7-Eleven!  For a limited time only, Domo-kun is at 7-Eleven stores.  He’s on the cups, straws, food containers and even plush dolls are being sold.  (He is the mascot of Japan’s NHK television station.)


Fanta Fuji green apple Slurpees are supposed to be sold but they didn’t have any when we went.  We ended up getting our usual Coke Slurpees instead.  I hope I can find the green apple Slurpee somewhere soon!  Domo-kun hates apples because of something in his DNA and therefore, won’t be stealing any of our Slurpees.  : )  Jill kept all the cups as a souvenir.

This particular 7-Eleven sells flowers outside the store.  We didn’t buy any but that was the first time I had seen flowers at a 7-Eleven before!

630 Wilshire Blvd.  Santa Monica, CA

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4 Comments on “Domo-kun at 7-Eleven!”

  1. Mr Awesome Says:

    i have all the straws 🙂

  2. Boyfriend Says:

    Green apple slurpees sound really good. These cups seemed sturdier than the usual ones. I think it is pretty funny that the only times we’ve had slurpees this year were all when we were with Jill.

  3. kauaigirl Says:

    Wow, Domo made your blog!! He’s a star.

  4. Ffion Says:

    I wish we had 7-eleven in the UK i love domo but he’s not popular over here.

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