V. Sattui Winery

My favorite winery in Napa Valley was V. Sattui.  Yes, this was my first time in Napa and yes, we only went to four wineries but this one blew the others out of the water.  The wine went down so smoothly and left no aftertaste!  Every wine we tasted – and we tasted them all on the premium wine tasting menu between the four of us – was excellent and topped the one prior.  Even the port wine was excellent and I’m not usually a big fan of dessert wines.

I wish I bought a bottle of something here.  You can only buy V. Sattui at the winery, not in stores.  I was “saving myself” for the other wineries to come.  At least now I know and now I have a reason to go back!


Mr. George Sattui pictured above, was our pourer and at first we thought he was a grumpy old man who wasn’t being generous with his pours but he warmed up to us in the end and even shared a joke with us.


Since V. Sattui was our first stop, we decided to grab food at the deli / marketplace and eat on our way to the next winery.  I usually don’t like premade sandwiches but this one was special.


It was love at first bite!  (I think I have a strange love affair with great sandwiches.  Swoon!)  Boyfriend and I shared the chicken pesto sandwich which was on this sooooft focaccia bread.  I also had a bite of Elisa’s tuna sandwich which might sound boring but most certainly was not!  Elisa gets tuna at every single sandwich shop we go to without fail.


There was a BBQ going on outside and Elisa and Matt bought some oysters.  We had also bought some bread and cheese for our picnic we planned to have at Chandon later on in the day.  We walked around the beautiful grounds and ate outside in the beautiful weather before heading to our next few stops.

Side story: when we got to Chandon (two wineries later) they opened the TWO bottles that Matt bought so we were forced to drink them on the property.  One of which was a sparkling wine.  We had all already done our sparkling wine tastings there.  They told us picnics weren’t allowed when we laid out our blanket and busted out our food.  One of us, who shall remain nameless (but not Matt), became insanely trashed and has no recollection of even going to the last winery!  No worries, we rolled down the window and left him in the car while the rest of us checked out Hess Winery.  He was so sick that we ended up at some random Vietnamese / Asian fusion restaurant for dinner (hours later after he was conscious and able to walk on his own) and he ordered a $12 bowl of pho because that is one of the few things that helps him prevent hangovers.  Probably THE most expensive bowl of pho he has ever or will ever order.  He was a novice and I guess he did it right for his first time wine tasting!  Looking at the bright side though, since he was passed out in the car and was falling asleep in the restaurant at dinner, he had the most sleep he had gotten in the past few nights combined!  He woke up refreshed the next morning and even offered to go wine tasting with us that day if we were up for it!  Elisa, Matt and I just looked at him like he was craaazy.  : )

1111 White Ln.  Saint Helena, CA

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2 Comments on “V. Sattui Winery”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    Yeah I think V. Sattui was the best of the wineries we went to. They had a lot of good looking food at the deli. I would love to go back there and pick up a few bottles. I had my first Port wine here and man it was a good one. Almost too sweet even for me, and almost syrupy. It was a nice end to our tasting. And I had no recollection of the last winery because I was passed out, you make it sound like I blacked out.

  2. Richard Says:


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