A snack, dinner, dessert, then late night dinner

This is everything we ate before dinner, for dinner and after dinner…

Needless to say, we pigged out!  Pizza from Ray’s Pizza for our before dinner snack.  Tons of small dishes from Village Yokocho at our izakaya dinner.  Joe’s Pizza as an after dinner snack.  Gelato from GROM for dessert, next door to Joe’s.  It was our last night in NY and it did feel like we walked a mini marathon.  After dessert, the group split up and Joy, Candace, Boyfriend and I walked (yes, we walked again!) to Balthazar’s for a late night dinner.

Mmmm, Balthazar’s deserves its own entry.

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7 Comments on “A snack, dinner, dessert, then late night dinner”

  1. Richard Says:

    Yum Yum

  2. chubbs Says:

    good thing you did a lot of walking! 😉 the food looks amazing… we should take a vacation together! let’s eat our way thru europe 😀

  3. Mr Awesome Says:

    where did the rest of the group go? :p

  4. joy Says:

    i loved all the walking..don’t forget alllllllllll those pitstops into bars for restroom breaks. oh and guess who’s having famous lobster rolls with Randall tomorrow?

  5. epicurejenn Says:

    @chubbs: eating our way through europe sounds awesome! can you figure out a way for us to get paid to do it?!?

    @MrAwesome: Randall went home because he had to work early the next morning, the other guys went to Serendipity since they didn’t go with us the first night.

    @joy: yeah, i heard!! mmm, those sound SO GOOD!

  6. Carlo Says:

    Everything looks soooo good. I can’t believe you had all of them within 4 hours. Impressive!

  7. Boyfriend Says:

    Oh man, so much food. We thought we were going to be early for dinner so I got a slice of Pizza from Ray’s. Then we found out the guys were actually already at Village Yokocho and headed over there for dinner. After that, more pizza! I had a little bit of the gelato, that was some good stuff. Then Balthazar’s. I did feel like my feet were numb that night once we finally made it back to the hotel room. What is it about vacations and food? Seems like I’m always eating on vacation.

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