Chocolate by the Bald Man

We ate a lot while in New York.  We ate regular meals, grabbed snacks and made special trips for dessert too.  Our only saving grace was that we did a ton of walking everywhere.   We didn’t make it in time for ChikaLicious before they closed this particular night, so decided to go to Max Brenner’s for chocolate decadence instead.  Luckily, they are open “until late” as the door says.  Although they have a full menu, this seems to be more of a dessert destination since most things on the menu consist of chocolate.


Boyfriend and Candace both went with The Brown Heart and The Snow White Heart, respectively.  They were warm chocolate cakes with ice cream and fondue on the side and a double layer of pure chocolate and peanut butter (brown heart) or marshmallow (white heart).


I had forgotten that Randall doesn’t like chocolate when we decided to go here.  He managed to find the one thing on the menu that doesn’t have chocolate in it and ordered The Berry Delicious, Berry Refreshing Berry Sorbet Sundae.  It has rasberry & mango sorbet, fresh strawberries, candied blueberries, macadamia nuts, rice krispies, honey “pop rocks” rasberry sauce and whipped cream.  I had a bite and it was definitely refreshing but very sweet.


I ordered off the “MAX I SCREAM” menu and went with The Fantastic Popsicle Chocolate Fondue.  It came with one vanilla ice cream popsicle with a side of pure melted chocolate, crunchy wafer balls and candied hazlenut bits to keep dipping in until your ice cream is gone.  The whole time I was eating, I thought the crunchy wafer balls were the hazlenut bits!  Hello.  Lover.  Those crunchy wafer balls were ah-ma-zing and I ate every last one of them.


I no longer think I can call myself a chocolate lover.  While I love milk chocolate, there actually IS too much of a good thing and I don’t care for dark chocolate at all.  Those crunchy wafer balls though… that was love.

841 Broadway  (between 13th St & 14th St)    New York, NY

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One Comment on “Chocolate by the Bald Man”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    I love chocolate and especially dark chocolate. I also like peanut butter which is why I went with the Brown Heart. Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed. There wasn’t much peanut butter taste at all. I was expecting something like a peanut buttery flavored chocolate lava cake (or chocolate souffle or any of those other cakes with the molten chocolate middle). I was sadly disappointed as the middle didn’t taste like either a good chocolate, a good peanut butter or even a good chocolate/peanut butter mix. There were a ton of other things on the menu that sounded great to try, so I’d be willing to give this place another go around.

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