Venezuelan Arepa Bar: Caracas

Every meal we ate in New York was wonderful in it’s own way but I think my favorite was at Caracas.  Randall took Candace, Boyfriend and I to this tiny Venezuelan Arepa Bar for dinner one night.


We started out with YoYos as an appetizer.  These are plaintains stuffed with cheese and then fried.  It comes with some sauce in a cup but to be honest, we didn’t even touch it.  I have no idea what kind of sauce that was but there is ANOTHER sauce that is so good that we had eyes for no other.


Arepas are these corn-flour medallions that look like English muffins from afar.  They are pockets stuffed with the goodness of your choice.  Candace went with A-5 La Pelua on the menu: shredded beef and cheddar cheese.


Randall, Boyfriend and I all went with A-20 La Surena: grilled chicken and chorizo with avocado slices and spicy chimi-churi sauce.  the meat was flaavored oh-so-perfectly and everything balanced each other so well.  The crispy outside balanced out with the steamy softness on the inside.

I am usually NOT a sauce person but the “secret sauce” on the table worked it’s magic well.  The arepa would be amazing without it because of the tenderness of the meat and wonderful flavors but this sauce takes it to the next level.  I wish I took a picture of the bottle to share with you but that wouldn’t do it justice.  I put at least three quirts on each bite I took.  It’s this reddish/orange, semi-sweet but spicy sauce that words can’t possibly describe because it’s just THAT good.  After Googling “secret arepa sauce” after we got home that night, we read that the bottles are sold at the restaurant  for $8 each.  If we are unable to recreate it, we’ll have to buy a few bottles and bring them back next time!!

Sadly, we all only ate one arepa a piece.  We had just eaten a snack (which will be blogged about another time) and were planning on going out to dessert after.  Now, I wish I had ordered one more pocket of goodness so I could have slathered it with sauce and basked in the greatness!  Hindsight is always twenty/twenty.

P.S. If anyone knows of a good arepa place in the Bay Area, please let me know!

93 1/2 E. 7th St.  New York, NY

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2 Comments on “Venezuelan Arepa Bar: Caracas”

  1. joy Says:

    oh man, i thought i was drooling earlier! I’m SO trying that place and SOON! thanks for tantalizing reviews 🙂

  2. Boyfriend Says:

    That sauce… that tasty, tasty special sauce. I actually did try the sauce that came with the Yoyos, but the special sauce that resides in the squeeze bottles on each table was just too good to not use on the Yoyos. The arepa was awesome. The chimichurri sauce with the chorizo and chicken was good on its own. Of course I also used a lot of sauce on my arepa as I ate it. I may take up recreating this sauce as a personal challenge, as it would be so worth it if I succeed. Maybe one day I’ll actually have some time to try.

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