Back to the Westside!

 NYC was amazing

The food, as you can see, was also amazing.

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5 Comments on “Back to the Westside!”

  1. Emmie Says:

    I would like to try everything in the pictures!!!

  2. Boyfriend Says:

    I’m drooling just looking at the pictures. When I judge how much I enjoy a trip, the food typically is a large factor in the equation. All I can say is, this was a pretty great trip.

  3. chubbs Says:

    is that mushroom and OLIVE pizza??? that’s my favorite!! they don’t sell that here… but you can get shrimp and corn… haha

  4. Boyfriend Says:

    You know, I was thinking about it and we never ate any street food. I kind of wish I had a hot dog or a knish from one of the carts. I guess the fact that about half of the carts smelled like they were burning may have contributed to us not eating anything from them.

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