Alexander’s Steakhouse Take 2!

Boyfriend took me to Alexander’s for my birthday last week!  (I’ve been eating so much red meat lately that I have decided I need to go at least a month without it.)


This was a special gift from the chef.  It was smoked salmon wrapped around creme fraiche and cucumber.


Boyfriend was brave enough to say that he thinks these hamachi shots were the BEST part of the dinner!  He would go back to just order tons and tons of hamachi shots.  I am quite in love with them too.


The salad looks quite ordinary in the picture but it had so much flavor.  It has a yuzu dressing and tempura flakes with flower petals in it!


The chef sent out this watermelon and lychee bite to cleanse the palate before our steaks came out.  Boyfriend doesn’t even like watermelon but he liked this!  It was very refreshing.


Boyfriend went with the Porterhouse.  It was humongous but very tasty.  I actually liked his meat better than my own.


These are two of the sides we ordered.  We went a little crazy and got lobster mac and cheese with white truffle oil, crimini mushrooms AND white truffle oil fries!!  I must’ve forgotten to upload the picture of the fries we took but everyone knows what french fries look like… : )


I went with the filet mignon.  The menu had changed slightly since we went a year ago and I wasn’t crazy about the sauce on my filet.  The meat was extremely tender though!


Yay!  We got this amazing dessert for my birthday!  It was the perfect size for how rich it was.


As always we got the free cotton candy at the end of our meal.  It looked pink in the dark restaurant but had a citrus taste to it.  I had guessed pink grapefruit but as the picture shows, it was orange flavored!!

10330 N. Wolfe Road  Cupertino, CA

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2 Comments on “Alexander’s Steakhouse Take 2!”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    Mmmm… hamachi shots. Such an amazing taste combination. The salty, citrus of the ponzu, the spice from the pepper, the creaminess of the avocado, and the tang of the ginger all combine in your mouth in a flavor explosion. The food never fails to impress and the service was impeccable once again. I did like the flavor of Girlfriend’s steak a bit more than mine though. Maybe I’ll try something other than the porterhouse next time. I wouuldn’t mind just sitting at the bar and ordering two six-packs of the hamachi shots with a few beers.

  2. Emmie Says:

    Those steaks are insane! I love the cotton candy trend! The food looks amazing!

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