Breakfast again anyone?!?

After our amazing sushi breakfast at Tsukiji, we ate our second breakfast of the day back at our hotel.  We stayed at the Tokyo Hilton and breakfast was included so we decided to check it out.  I knew we would be eating a lot on this trip but breakfast usually isn’t my meal of choice.


It was a breakfast buffet and although I wasn’t hungry, I forced myself to eat some stuff after I saw the spread they had.


One side of the buffet was Japanese style breakfast and one side was American style breakfast!!  We could choose from rice, fish, tsukemono, etc. for the Japanese style breakfast.


Japanese people often eat salad as part of breakfast too.  Both of my Aunt’s whose houses we stayed at served salad at breakfast. 


There were plenty fruits and oatmeal too.





There were all sorts of juices, fruit, sliced meat, breads and pastries to choose from.  They had fried rice, shumai and miso soup.  It was amazing!  They even had a made to order omelette bar at one end.  Our huge sushi breakfast was just 3 hours prior but I couldn’t resist trying this breakfast buffet out.  I was definitely excited to take full advantage of it the next morning on an empty stomach!!

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3 Comments on “Breakfast again anyone?!?”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    I wish every morning started like this. Normally when I think of free breakfast at a hotel it is only a continental breakfast or some set menu. This breakfast buffet was an amazing spread. I had such a hard time deciding what to eat because even though I can typically eat a lot, there was just too much good food to choose from! A lot of times at buffets I’ll end up going back and getting certain things I really liked. I didn’t have enough room in my stomach because there were so many things I wanted to try and they were all so good.

  2. Elaina Says:

    Wow, definitely looks like an amazing amount of food. Salad for breakfast sounds so healthy, but I doubt that there was any mayo-laden “ranch” to drench it in.

  3. Emmie Says:

    This looks SO GOOD!

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