California Sourdough

California Sourdough has good great sandwiches!  They bake fresh sourdough daily and each sandwich is made on fresh, WARM bread.  For $6.90 you have 23 sandwiches to choose from and each one comes with mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and Swiss cheese.  I’ve only been twice and have ordered the same thing both times… #21.  Turkey and salami.  Boyfriend has gotten the spicy turkey twice.


It’s been extremely crowded each time we’ve gone.  The bread is warm when your sandwich is made as it comes right out of the oven and is a perfect blend of crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.  They only take cash and are only open on weekdays for lunch.  Luckily, I only work a few minutes away!

1150 Murphy Ave.  San Jose, CA 95131

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2 Comments on “California Sourdough”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    For me, for the most part a sandwich is a sandwich. Whether I make it at home, or pick it up from Quiznos or Subway or Togos, they are pretty interchangeable for me. A California Sourdough sandwich though, is in a whole other category. You really should eat it right there as the bread is nice and warm when you first get it. I think I’ll try something new next time we go. I’m sure it’ll be great no matter what I get. Just thinking about the warm bread is making me hungry.

  2. Emmie Says:

    This looks amazing!

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