Dine About Town

We were in the city on Monday (went to the Academy of Sciences) and decided to stay out there for dinner.  I had totally forgotten about “Dine About Town” when I chose Kuleto’s.  Elisa’s parents used to take us there when we were in SF so I have nostalgic memories of the restaurant.


Boyfriend got the special menu they had which included this bruschetta appetizer.  I stole a bite and the mushrooms were quite flavorful!


His main was a beef dish with fresh arugula and beans.


Boyfriend’s meal also included a homemade tiramisu which had chocolate covered coffee beans on top.  I’m actually not a huge fan of tiramisu (*gasp*, I know) but this one was pretty good.


I ordered off of the regular menu and got a mixed green salad with walnuts and vinaigrette… it was the perfect amount of dressing for the salad!   My main dish is pictured above.  Veal scaloppini with spinach, garlic and capers in a white wine and lemon sauce.  The flavor was quite overpowering and I wish I had some potatoes to neutralize it a bit.

This restaurant is in an extremely convenient location if you’re shopping in Union Square.  The service was very good and I’d go back if I were in the area.

221 Powell St.  San Francisco, CA

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2 Comments on “Dine About Town”

  1. Emmie Anne Says:

    The food looks amazing! I wish you guys were here for DineLA!

  2. Boyfriend Says:

    My appetizer and dessert were spot on. My main dish was only ok. I was hoping the main dish would have a bit more flavor. If you like how food tastes when it is not seasoned well then I guess you may have liked it. The beans tasted like they were only lightly salted. The arugula had no flavoring on it and is naturally a bit bitter. The steak tasted like they just sliced it and seared it. It is one of the extremely few times that I’ve had to add my own salt and pepper to a steak in a restaurant. Girlfriend’s dish was very tasty and the flavors felt like they were almost overwhelming compared to my dish. The bruschetta appetizer I had was delicious (though you need to like goat cheese, girlfriend had a non-goat cheese bite). Their in-house made tiramisu didn’t taste like a regular tiramisu. There was less coffee flavor to it which I guess I why they included the chocolate covered coffee beans. It was also a bit heavier, but it still tasted great.

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