Choco Pear


My cousin Laureen told me to go to her favorite bakery in my area.  Paris Baguette.  We ate dinner nearby and decided to stop in on the way home if they were still open.  To my surprise, they are open until 11 PM Monday through Saturday and until 10 PM on Sundays!

Most of the breads were sold out at 9 PM but since we were there to pick up dessert, we found what we wanted.  We got one green tea cream cheese bread and one choco pear. (pictured above)  Those are slices of fresh pear on top of the cake!  I love Asian desserts because they are not TOO sweet but still have a lot of flavor.   It was exquisite and beautiful as you can see, and tasted as good as it looks!  I am anxious to go back and try their bread and other cakes.

3561 El Camino Real  Santa Clara, CA 95051

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One Comment on “Choco Pear”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    This bakery had a lot of visually stunning cake in their display case. It appeared like a lot of their items had been sold out during the day and by the time we got their at night, many of the shelves and bins were bare. I’m definitely curious as well and would like to go back one morning to see the full spread. The choco pear was really good. The bottom of the dessert was nice and creamy, the fresh pear on top gave it a slight tartness that was a nice contrast. This seemed like a very popular bakery as people were still causing the register to ring on a pretty constant basis even though it was pretty late in the night.

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