I’ve been slacking on the food blog lately with the holidays and all.  That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been eating though!  We went to Saizo a little while back.  It’s a little hidden gem close to where we live and we were surprised we never noticed it before! 


We started out with the tofu salad.  I heart tofu and tend to like any tofu salad I try.  The dressing was really good and it came with daikon and sprouts!


Saizo is an izakaya so Boyfriend wanted to try this chicken with yuzu.  Notice how small these sticks are?!?  Boyfriend was REALLY HUNGRY and thought if he ordered 5 sticks, he’d be full.  haha


Good thing his smart Girlfriend told him to order an actual meal.  He went with the tonkatsu dinner which came with rice, miso soup and some veggies.


It was cold out so I went with the nabeyaki udon.  The broth was a little on the sweeter side but it was good.  The bowl was a little smaller and a little pricier than other places but the flavor was good.

My co-worker told me that their Japanese style hamburger steak is exceptional.  I think I will try that the next time we go!

592 E. El Camino Real  Sunnyvale, CA

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One Comment on “Saizo”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    It’s amazing the good places you can find to eat in strip malls. I guess it is easy to overlook places near by to where you are since you assume you’ve seen it all already. Saizo was an ikazaya with a lot of different skewers and some of them sounded really good. That was the idea behind just ordering a handful of skewers. I had no idea they would be so small though. The price would have added up really quickly for a small amount of food. That was probably the only hit against this place. The portions are a bit small for the price you are paying. The quality of the food is excellent however and I really liked the tofu salad and the skewer. I’m interested in going back some day to try some other things off of their menu as well.

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