uWink. iWink.

We tried this really innovative restaurant the other night when Boyfriend’s friends were in town.  uWink in Mountain View had computer screens at each table for their guests to order food from and play games on!


This is what the main screen looks like.


We scrolled through all the choices before we made our decision on what to order.


They had all sorts of beer and cocktails too!


We started out with the spinach / artichoke shrimp dip.


Tom and Boyfriend both ordered burgers with sweet potato fries. (upgrade to sweet potato for an extra buck)


Christina had Ravioli Florentine with lots of garlic, spinach and basil.


I went with the Cobb Salad.   For some reason my order didn’t come out at all and we had to ask twice about it.


I enjoyed my time here even though the food was mediocre and the service was nothing to write home about.   It was a great experience and fun playing linked games against each other at our table and also against everyone else in the restaurant.

401 Castro St.  Mountian View, CA

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2 Comments on “uWink. iWink.”

  1. Emmie Anne Says:

    Did you have a waiter?

  2. Boyfriend Says:

    The idea is cool, and fits very well with the demographics here in Silicon Valley. Unfortunately the execution is sorely lacking. I think part of the idea behind this is that they can get away with less wait staff. Most people I’ve talked about have complained about the service. The food is ok. I liked my burger but I felt the Cobb salad had little flavor. It is pretty hard to mess up any sort of spinach/artichoke dip so I can’t give them points for that dish. They did have drink specials posted for various days and times as well as projection TVs that filled entire walls so it might be good to go back to watch sporting events. The games were probably the best part of the restaurant. I may just wait until they go completely without humans and have the place run by robots so that the service isn’t so slow/bad before it’s time to go back and try it.

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