Dishing the Dash!

We made it out to DishDash last weekend… we didn’t let the rain stop us!  I had been here once before for lunch but this was my first dinner experience.


Christine had Sultan Ibrahim which is grilled fish, over roasted tomato and onion sauce, topped with lemon and garlic, served with rice.  She is unfortunately allergic to dairy and nuts and the waitress was very accomodating about checking with the kitchen that nothing Christine is allergic to would go into her food.


I almost ordered this dish that Carlo got.  He finished his meal, Sambusak Dajaj, incredibly fast so it must’ve been good!  (filo dough stuffed with seasoned diced chicken, mushrooms, almonds, and onions, served with a special spinach sauce.) 


Horace went with the Beriani: tender chunks of beef, potatoes, almonds, raisins, garbanzo beans with a mixture of special spices, topped with aged-yogurt sauce served with rice.  It was so funny because Horace looked long and hard at his dish but couldn’t find his beef.  He finally asked the waitress if he had accidentally ordered a vegetarian dish and she told him, “Honey, on’t you worry… your meat is under the rice.”


Boyfriend was determined to order lamb this night.  He went with the Zahra (lamb shank cooked with grilled cauliflower, onions, and garlic, in a light yogurt sauce, served with rice.)  I tried some of his rice and it was really good!  His lamb was good too but I probably preferred what I ordered to his meal.


I had the M’Sakhan.  (boneless chicken and carmalized onions, seasoned with almonds, sumac spice, wrapped and baked in a Tanour crust, served with saffaron-yogurt sauce.)  I really enjoyed the main part of my dish although I wasn’t too crazy about the little veggies on the side.  I loved the way it looked though!  It was like a present waiitng to be unwrapped. : )

190 S. Murphy Ave.  Sunnyvale, CA

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2 Comments on “Dishing the Dash!”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    My dish was pretty good. The “light” yogurt sauce I think was a bit too heavy for me. I think I’d probably try something else the next time I end up there. The rice was really good. I normally don’t like rice unless it is plain or fried, but this rice had a nice spiciness to it. I think I liked my dish better than the dish girlfriend had though. It was a welcome change to try Middle Eastern food rather than the usual places we tend to eat out at.

  2. Emmie Anne Says:

    I vote for the lamb!

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