Corner Place Korean Restaurant

Well, here is my first (and hopefully not my last) guest post.

Girlfriend and I were in the mood for Korean food and we were debating on whether it would be Korean BBQ or dolsot bibimbap.  Since the Korean BBQ would probably end up being pretty pricey as the place we were thinking about trying out was ala carte, we went with the bibimbap.  I only looked up the address to this place and we were surprised to see it was sandwiched between two other restaurants that we’ve tried and liked; Sushi O Sushi (try the Mega 3 roll) and 99 Chicken (really good fried chicken).  Sorry about the picture quality.  This is another set of pictures from Girlfriend’s camera phone.


We started off with the banchan.  I had been craving some kim chee so it really hit the spot.  There was also jap chae which was somewhat funny since we came here shortly after Girlfriend had made it at home.


Then Girlfriend’s dolsot bibimbap came out.  She ordered the kimchee version and it came out in a real stone pot (not a fake ceramic one) which got the bottom layer nice and crunchy.  It was really tasty.


I ordered the meat jun.  It is definitely a Hawaii thing, so I was totally surprised to see it on the menu.  The egg batter was a little heavier than I prefer, but to even find somewhere other than the Korean take-outs in Hawaii that has it on the menu was amazing.

The owner was really nice and he stopped by and chatted with us for a bit.  He asked if I was from Hawaii since I had ordered the meat jun.  He told us his niece is from Hawaii and she was living in NorCal and wanted meat jun so he spent about a week experimenting with the recipe before he put it on the menu.  So for all of you islanders living on the mainland and craving meat jun, now you know where you can get it.

They also make this ginseng chicken soup which takes three hours to make after you order it.  Girlfriend had this before and really liked it, so we’ll probably try it sometime soon now that the weather is getting colder.

2783 El Camino Real Santa Clara, CA

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3 Comments on “Corner Place Korean Restaurant”

  1. chubbs Says:

    i found meat jun in japan too! but i haven’t ordered it yet. haha… actually it’s a yummy’s bbq restaurant! and the sign inside says something like “yummy’s is the most popular bbq restaurant in Hawaii” …i wonder if that’s true. i think kim chee I is better… and i also like chun’s bbq too.

  2. Just a Friend Says:

    To the Boyfriend (and the Girlfriend, too): Nice, first guest post. I’ll have to try this place. But with 99 Chicken next door, it will be tough not to be sucked in there first.

  3. makatanaka Says:

    everything we had that night was good but i can’t wait to go back for the samgyetang! it’s definitely a winter meal so now that it’s getting colder, it is a perfect time to try theirs. : )

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