San Jose Japantown: Kaita

I think one of my favorite places to eat in SJ Japantown is Kaita.  They have great lunch specials and are one of the more authentic Japanese restaurants.  The last time we went, Boyfriend and I both ordered the poke don / udon lunch combo.  It was excellent.

Our first time to Kaita, I got the toro don / udon combo.  I initially thought the two yellow things on the sie of the bowl looked like slabs of butter but they were yakitamago. (egg)

Boyfriend got some tonkatsu curry special and since we were hungry, we ordered hamachi and salmon nigiri and also a side order of gyoza.  The gyoza were excellent and the fish was very fresh! 

I know Boyfriend really enjoyed the poke don the last time we went… I can’t wait to go back!  P.S.  It gets quite crowded at lunch sometimes so be prepared to wait a little while.

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One Comment on “San Jose Japantown: Kaita”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    Kaita’s lunch specials are a pretty good deal. Most are under $10 and the quality of the food is good. It is a bit small so it can be crowded and if you go at a bad time there will be a wait. This is just one of the restaurants in San Jose’s Japantown that we’ve visited for lunch, but I think it is my favorite place to eat Japanese food in J-town (Hukilau is good when I’m in the mood for some Hawaiian food). The tonkatsu curry was pretty good, but the poke don over the sushi rice with some tanuki udon (udon with tempura flakes) was da best!

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