Spanish Cuisine

 We went down a little alley and stumbled upon B44. (we actually had reservations so it was not by accident as it may seem)  Boyfriend had never had Spanish cuisine before so we decided to try it out.

 We started out with a romaine salad to share.  Despite the odd looking picture, this salad was great!  It was refreshing and flavorful. 

 I went with a vegetarian paella which came with pine nuts, shiitake, green beans, peas and other assorted vegetables.  It was an awesome choice and had a bunch of eclectic flavors all in one.

Boyfriend went with a sea bass dish which actually turned out to be fairly bland.  The fish itself was bland / overcooked but the corn and potatoes had flavor because of the bacon it was cooked with.  I think my choice beat his by a huge margin. 😀

I was grossy addicted to this olive tapenade-esque starter that was served with the bread.  I consumed much more starch BEFORE my rice meal evern came out but it was just THAT GOOD!  I didn’t get a picture of it since I inhaled it so fast but I’m not even a huge olive fan and I loved it.  Note: mentioning how much you love the tapenade to the waiter does not get you any to take home.  I tried. 😛

44 Belden Terrace  San Francisco, CA

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2 Comments on “Spanish Cuisine”

  1. Emmie Anne Says:

    This looks yummy!!! Hey, I need a good recommendation for dinner in LA. I am looking for really great food, but unique at the same time. Any suggestions?

  2. Boyfriend Says:

    The salad was really good. I think we do pretty well picking out appetizers and salads for the most part. A lot of times it ends up being our entree that falls short. In this case, it was mine. The paella was really flavorful, while my bass tasted a lot like bacon and not much else. I was hoping the flavors would be layered so you could taste maybe a hint of bacon along with the rest of the ingredients, but the bacon kind of overpowered everything in the dish. And while I do love bacon, I’m just not used to eating bacon flavored fish.

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