We were so limited on time that we had to make a mental list of exactly what and where we wanted to eat in Hawaii.  We arrived on Oahu around noon so after dropping our stuff off, we headed straight for lunch.  #1 on our list was poke. 
We picked up some furikake poke and shoyu poke from Foodland.  I can’t even remember now which one I liked better but they were both good!!
Boyfriend was craving meat jun.  It’s a local Korean dish which is basically thin strips of beef (flank steak or whatever) marinated, floured and fried with a shoyu type dipping sauce.  I actually prefer mine without any sauce.
I was totally craving cake noodle so we made our third stop at a Chinese restaurant to get some!  Do you ever order chow mein and wish you could get a bite with more noodles in it?  I love the veggies in chow mein but sometimes I wish I could eat a clump of just noodles. 
No idea what the restaurants were called since I forgot to ask Boyfriend but they were all in the same shopping center as the Kaneohe Foodland.  : )
P.S.  Happy Birthday Boyfriend!!! : )
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One Comment on “Cravings!!”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    It’s always interesting to find out exactly what it is I’m craving the most when I return to the islands. Meat jun tends to be one of first things I get when go home. This particular plate was from Yoonyson. The meat jun there is just so so, but the garlic potatoes side dish is awesome. I find it somewhat amazing to believe that I was craving poke, if you consider that I only started to eat raw fish about five years ago. The cake noodles are another thing that is extremely hard to find outside of Hawaii. This particular order was from Kin Wah, my favorite Chinese restaurant in my hometown of Kaneohe. They were just as good as always, though this was the first time I ordered them without the minute chicken to go along with it. After seeing the bag it came out, I finally was able to guess at how they make cake noodles. Let’s just say there is a lot of oil involved. Aside from my friends and family, I miss the food the most.

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