We’re back… at least 5 lbs. heavier!!  Food in Hawaii is just SO GOOD.  I’ll be posting lots in the days to come.  For now, I will leave you with this.

This was the first time that I ever ate fresh papaya (with lemon juice).  Yum!!

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4 Comments on “Aloooooha!”

  1. Sh1N Y4m4m0t0 Says:

    Mmmmm, papaya with boba in the middle looks sooooo good!!
    I was not aware that tropical fruits like papaya and pineapple was available in Hawaii! Guess you learn something new everyday!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL OMG

  2. chubbs Says:

    mm..papaya w/ lemon juice is so good!

    it was fun seeing you this past week! come visit in japan!!! we’ll eat lots there 🙂

  3. Boyfriend Says:

    That was the first time in a long while that I’ve had fresh papaya. It’s so good when it’s cold with a little bit of lemon juice squeezed on top of it.

  4. Jill Matsunaga Says:

    Will someone please tell Chris that that’s not boba in the middle of the papaya! Duh!!

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