Yuki Sushi

It seems like lately, all I’ve been eating is Chinese food or sushi. (not that I’m complaining) A fellow Silicon Valley foodie commented on a previous entry and suggested going to Yuki Sushi just down the street from Santana Row. So go to Yuki Sushi we did!

The moment we sat down Boyfriend mentioned, “I’m really starving.” Poor thing, he had to work overtime last night and didn’t even have time for dinner because he was so busy. All he had in his stomach from the past 24 hours was the snack I made him when he got home from work last night. So… we ordered a lot of food!

I wanted to start out with the yudofu because it was a tiny bit overcast and chilly when we were driving to the restaurant. It was a healthy but tasty choice! Tofu, napa cabbage, shiitake and green onions.

Boyfriend ordered a katsu don which comes with miso soup. I stole a bite of it and it was very good.

We also ordered four rolls: Toshi maki (tuna, salmon, hamachi, cucumber and avocado), Jazz maki (unagi and avocado with soy paper), spicy tuna and negi hama. The Toshi maki had a lot of stuff in it and sounded promising but it was actually just kind of bland.

The fish tasted fresh so I think I’d like to try some nigiri next time. The prices seem very reasonable for the nigiri sushi! I wish the menu listed how many pieces come with each cut. Some are only four, while others are six. If Boyfriend hadn’t ordered the katsu don, he still would’ve been hungry for sure.

I’m glad we went at 11:30 right when the restaurant opened. Before we got our food, there were already about five people who came in to pick up take-out orders and the place was packed when we left. The restaurant is quite cozy so it’s probably better not to go right at prime dining hours, I’d assume.

1827 Pruneridge Ave. Santa Clara, CA

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2 Comments on “Yuki Sushi”

  1. Linda Says:

    Place seems great, thanks for the recommendation! Tried another Japanese restaurant a while ago, hanamaru in sunnyvale. also pretty good! Trying to find the good restaurants here, cause I just arrived in the States two weeks ago and interning for an online catering service.

  2. Boyfriend Says:

    The yudofu was good. I really like napa cabbage and shiitake so I thought it was an excellent dish. The katsudon was really filling. Between everything I ate I ended up being stuffed when we left. The fish for the sushi did seem really fresh and I kind of wish we did order some nigiri. The restaurant is pretty small and it mostly filled up in the time we were there for lunch. I think I’d rather go back to yume-ya though since it is a bit closer for a similar quality of sushi, and yume-ya has a more extensive menu.

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