Dinner with the Bay Area Boys!

Our first couple nights here in the Bay Area, my Aunt and Uncle invited Boyfriend and I over to their house for dinner. We were lucky to get home cooked meals by doting “parents”! Last night was officially our first dinner out since the move… we met up with Horace, Carlo and Bob for an Italian dinner in Palo Alto.

Vero looked innocent enough. Small, quaint, and friendly. It’s unfortunate that everything that could’ve gone wrong at dinner last night, went wrong.

Boyfriend ordered the Trofie alla Genovese: hand rolled pasta, potatoes, string beans and pesto.

Bob and Carlo both ordered one of the specials: Penne with salmon and cream sauce.

Horace went with a seafood pasta (obviously).

I went with another special… risotto with Italian sausage and porcini mushrooms. The risotto was harder than I prefer and this picture makes it look like I ordered mac n cheese.

Our server dropped Horace and my plates onto the floor as she was serving our table so the two of us had to wait extra time for our dishes to come out. When our dishes finally did come out, I noticed my dish had artichokes instead of porcini mushrooms. Porcini mushrooms were the sole reason I wanted to try the risotto. She bad mouthed the chef and mentioned that the sausage and artichoke risotto was last night’s special. Our server comped Horace a glass of white wine and Bob got a free beer. I got hot tea out of the artichoke/mushroom mistake. Neither the tea nor wine were drinks we planned to order on our own.

Dessert should’ve been simple enough. Bob ordered the Suffle’ al Cioccolato and Carlo and Horace both went with the orange one. These were noted on the dessert menu to take 10 minutes to prepare. Boyfriend and I got the Panna Cotta with strawberries.

After we had waited about fifteen minutes, our server came out to tell us they do not have orange souffles! Unbelievalbe. Carlo changed his order to a chocolate one like Bob and Horace ordered a tiramisu. Another ten minutes or so after that, our server came to tell us that they have ONE orange souffle and that they would bring that out.

No problem with Bob’s dessert. He said it was really rich and could feel the richness through his eyes! That must’ve been fun at at the gym when he met up with his friend right after dinner.

The one orange souffle of the night which Carlo consumed.

Horace’s tiramisu by default.

The panna cotta that Boyfriend and I shared.

I’m so glad we had great, entertaining company at last night’s dinner. We were there for over two hours most of which was spent waiting. The food was just alright and the experience there was nothing to write home about. (although I apparently thought it was worth blogging about!) In our server’s defense, she was the only one there last night but it wasn’t THAT crowded. Perhaps she was just having a bad night??

I probably won’t go back to Vero although I loved the neighborhood and definitely want to try out other restaurants in the area.

530 Bryant St. Palo Alto, CA

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One Comment on “Dinner with the Bay Area Boys!”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    The service ranks up there with the Ethiopian place in terms of the worst service ever. Considering all that went wrong with the meal, I’m surprised that with the amount of stuff that went wrong, so little was done to make us feel like our business was valued. The server had also offered Horace and Carlo a free coffee due to the dessert hang ups, but that free coffee never materialized. The food wasn’t so good that the service could be overlooked. I kind of felt like the portion for my dish was a bit small too. Everyone else’s dish was heaping with pasta, but mine seemed a bit flat in comparison. If all that went wrong happened to two people on a date, it definitely would have ruined the atmosphere.

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