My Secret Recipe

I think I must’ve been Korean in a past life because I am almost always craving Korean food. (well, when I’m not craving sushi)  After moving Boyfriend out of his apartment, we went to My Secret Recipe for dinner.  Funny, it doesn’t say “My Secret Recipe” on the sign anymore… maybe the restaurant name changed since I last went??


So I basically only go here for one thing which is this pseudo hot pot dish with baby octopus in it. 


Start out with the banchan, of course.  I like the cold cucumber soup that comes with the meal too.


There’s not really a soup to this but I don’t know what it’s called so I call it “pseudo hot pot.”  It comes with a plethora of veggies and baby octopus!


Once the veggies start cooking and you mix everything together, this is what it looks like.  Mmmm, I love spicy!


Once you’re done with as much veggies/octopus you can eat, they bring out a plate of white rice with nori, green onions and daikon and mix it all in!  So you end up with a huge batch of Korean fried rice.  I think this is my favorite part of the meal.  I noticed that a lot of other people just got the rice to go… they were probably too full to eat it.  We ate a small plateful of rice each but brought home a lot of leftovers too.  It’s too bad Boyfriend doesn’t like octopus and spent more time picking the stuff out than actually eating it!

1850 W. Redondo Beach Blvd.  Gardena, CA

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One Comment on “My Secret Recipe”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    I guess octopus just isn’t really my thing. I’ve had it before in tako poke and I was fine then, but this time, the octopus flavor just permeated through everything and that made it hard for me to eat. I guess when you have good tako poke, you don’t really taste the octopus. But the rice part was good since the octopus flavor was not as strong. We could have walked here, and got the combination for two people and stumbled home since it includes a bottle of shochu or two glasses of red wine.

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