Ritual in Hollywood

Boyfriend and I went on a double date with my cousin Rod and his girlfriend Esther… we met at Ritual in Hollywood. We ran into obnoxious parking prices ($20 to park the car yourself in their back lot!) and some rain but the company was well worth it. Even though we both live in LA, this was probably the first time I had seen Rod in over a year and the first time I had ever met Esther!


We started out with the sampler appetizer platter. I LOVED the puzzle piece plates. It came with pumpkin ravioli, lobster dumplings, fried shrimp and some steak strips on skewers. (from top clockwise) I think the lobster dumplings were my favorite because they were the lightest.


Boyfriend AND Rod both ordered the kurobuta pork chops that came with mac and cheese with truffle oil or something like that. Rod: “The mac and cheese was GREAT! Oh, and the pork chops were good too.”


Esther ordered the miso black cod with green curry and onions. She said the fish itself was good but the curry was a bit too strong for it. The presentation is quite nice though!


After all the beef I had eaten in the past couple of days, I went with the halibut with steamed baby bok choy and coconut flavored rice on the bottom. It had a very Thai taste to it. The fish was just alright and hmm, I can’t remember what the sauce tasted like so I guess it didn’t have much of an impact on me.

The ambiance was nice since Ritual turns into a club later on. It was your typical “dinner at a club” environment. They were filming a pilot for TLC called “Knife Swap” that we had to sign a waiver for in case we’re in the background of some shots. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any A or B or C-list celebrities.

1743 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood, CA

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One Comment on “Ritual in Hollywood”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Hollywood, from what I’ve experienced so far. The appetizers were ok, nothing really stood out to me. I liked the pork chops and the mac and cheese. The mac and cheese was served in a puff pastry. It was about on par with some of the better mac and cheeses I’ve eaten. The pork chops were brined in cinnamon and something else… I think it was brown sugar. I’m glad I wasn’t that hungry though since the portions weren’t very generous. The bread basket was pretty good though, with a selection of different breads.

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