Finally, Father’s Office burgers!

We took our chances on Father’s Office on a Saturday night before meeting up with friends on Main.  I’ve gotten a seat rather quickly each time I’ve been and this time we got lucky with counter seats before we ordered.  I don’t crave burgers often but this one paired with some sweet potato fries and a cold beer really hits the spot.


There are absolutely no deletions, substitutions, or modifications to anything on the menu at Father’s Office.  They don’t even have your traditional ketchup or mustard for your burger here!  It comes with carmelized onion, applewood bacon compote, gruyere, matag blue cheese and arugula. 


We had to order a basket of sweet potato frittes “a la cart” with roasted garlic, cabrales and blue cheese aioli for dipping.  “A la cart” via shopping cart.  How cute is that?!?  Good thing we shared because one order of frittes was plenty for the two of us.

The place is loud and crowded… definitely not your place for a romantic Saturday night dinner for two.  It’s an experience to try this burger and definitely worth going at least once!  If you go during the day, you can always hit up Di Dio’s down the street for some good Italian ice if you’re still hungry. 😉

1018 Montana Ave.  Santa Monica, CA

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3 Comments on “Finally, Father’s Office burgers!”

  1. dee Says:

    sweet potato fries?? r they better than the 1’s @ HOB??
    if they are … im there!

  2. Jill Matsunaga Says:

    Their burgers are good but I think it’s a bit over rated. I loved their sweet potato fries though! I’m not much of a drinker and was disappointed when they didn’t have regular diet soda! The next time I go, I’d like to try their ribs. I’ve been told they good.

  3. Boyfriend Says:

    That one order of fries was more than enough for the two of us. The burger was pretty darn good. Though I think it’s good because of the toppings rather than the burger itself. I like my burgers to taste like they’re flame grilled. I’m not sure I really got that out of this one. I’d definitely go here for another though.

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