I love me some good Korean BBQ.

We attempted to go to Father’s Office in Santa Monica for some good burgers and sweet potato fries the other night.  Bouncer: “I don’t know if this makes a difference to you but we ran out of burgers.”  WHAAAT?!?!  I didn’t even know that was possible.  We left immediately.

Since we already had our heart set on cow, we decided we might as well drive over to Koreatown to my favorite Korean BBQ place, Soot Bull Jeep.  It definitely hit the spot.  We ordered a plate of kalbi and a plate of gyu-tan (tongue for you non-Japanese speakers) and it was perfect!  I love all the pickled side dishes at Korean restaurants… kimchee and garlic everything and I’m in heaven. 



The only downfall to Korean BBQ is that you end up smelling like your food when you leave.  Soot Bull Jeep has charcoal grills so in lieu of smelling like kimchee and meat when you leave, you smell like kimchee, meat AND smoke for the rest of the night until you shower.  Everytime I’ve gone to Soot Bull Jeep, it’s been super crowded.  Parking is hard to find at dinnertime, sometimes the wait is long and there is somewhat of a language barrier between us non-Korean speakers and the waitresses… but I keep going back because the quality of the meat is good and I’ve never left disappointed.  I think whatever downfalls there might be are outweighed by the happy stomach in the end! 

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2 Comments on “I love me some good Korean BBQ.”

  1. Boyfriend Says:

    People in Hawaii often don’t go to these Korean BBQ type places. It’s more of a fast food thing there. That being said, the garlic miso that you can add to your food is awesome. The salad here was really good too. I think I prefer this style of Korean food despite the higher price. Definitely worth the price of smelling like smoke afterwards.

  2. Jill Matsunaga Says:

    One things for sure, Jenn knows where all the good Korean BBQ places are!! I finally went to Soot Bull Jeep after hearing so much about this place and will have to agree — it’s good! I loved the lettuce salad (I think they use their special kim chee flavor sauce as their dressing — whatever it is, it’s good). Everything — the side dishes and meat were excellent. Highly recommended . . . this place deserves almost a 5*****
    rating. My only advice is to go early because parking is very limited.

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